KFDN’s offering of a wide range of products for various aspects of construction

KFDN Concrete Admixtuer Products:

Various Products to suit all your needs.
KFDN offers a wide range of water reducing agents that will suit all your needs. Ranging from the basic water reducers to specialty admixtures that offer specific functionalities for different projects, KFDN prides itself to being our customers the best in quality and service.

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KFDN Mortar and Specialty Concrete Products:

Affordable, easy to use products to make life easier.
KFDN offers a  range of products for application where mortar and specialty concretes maybe used. These admixtures not only improves workability of the product, they can also enhance many aspects of the end product – such as flexibility, setting time and strength.

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Innovative Products offered by KFDN:
Innovation in waterproofing and wall treatments

Newly developed products to cater to the needs of modern construction

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